Oracle Project Collaboration Overview




Oracle Project Collaboration assists members of global or virtual project teams in the ongoing effort to review and complete project tasks by enabling them to collaborate and communicate with ease. Project teams can also include people from inside and outside an enterprise -- each requiring personalized access to project information. Oracle's integrated, collaborative system enables all relevant project stakeholders to share information, anytime and anywhere. With complete visibility to assigned tasks, issues, and deliverables, team members work together more efficiently, make more effective decisions, and deliver superior results faster.

Key features of Oracle Project Collaboration are:

  • Access to structured workspaces such as the Team Member Home page

  • Collaborate toward issue and change resolution by sharing information and assigning actions to appropriate people

  • Documentation of progress against assigned work

  • Management of documents and deliverables

  • Secure and intuitive user interface

Oracle Project Collaboration enables team members to leverage the information entered by project managers through Oracle Project Management.