Value Sets


Overview of Value Sets


Oracle Application Object Library uses values, value sets and validation tables as important components of key flexfields, descriptive flexfields, and Standard Request Submission. This section helps you understand, use and change values, value sets, and validation tables.

When you first define your flexfields, you choose how many segments you want to use and what order you want them to appear. You also choose how you want to validate each of your segments. The decisions you make affect how you define your value sets and your values.

You define your value sets first, either before or while you define your flexfield segment structures. You typically define your individual values only after your flexfield has been completely defined (and frozen and compiled). Depending on what type of value set you use, you may not need to predefine individual values at all before you can use your flexfield.

You can share value sets among segments in different flexfields, segments in different structures of the same flexfield, and even segments within the same flexfield structure. You can share value sets across key and descriptive flexfields. You can also use value sets for report parameters for your reports that use the Standard Request Submission feature.

Because the conditions you specify for your value sets determine what values you can use with them, you should plan both your values and your value sets at the same time. For example, if your values are 01, 02 instead of 1, 2, you would define the value set with Right-Justify Zero-fill set to Yes.

Remember that different flexfields may have different requirements and restrictions on the values you can use, so you should read information for your specific flexfield as part of your value planning process. For example, the Accounting Flexfield requires that you use certain types of value sets.

Value set options include the following:

  • Name

  • Description

  • List Type

  • Security Type

Format options include:

  • Format Type

  • Maximum Length

  • Precision

  • Numbers Only?

  • Uppercase Only?

  • Right-Justify and Zero-Fill Numbers?

  • Minimum Value

  • Maximum Value

Validation types include:

  • Independent

  • Dependent

  • None

  • Table

  • Special

  • Pair

  • Translatable Independent

  • Translatable Dependent


Choosing Value Formats

Since a value set is primarily a "container" for your values, you define your value set such that it can control the types of values that are allowed into the value set (whether predefined or non-validated). You can specify the format of your values:

  • Character
  • Number
  • Time
  • Standard Date
  • Standard DateTime
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Warning: Date and DateTime will be obsolete in a future release and are provided for backward compatibility only. For new value sets, use the the format types Standard Date and Standard DateTime.


Few important Value Sets:



Value Set Name Description Format Type MAX SIZE
1 Character 1 Character with no validation Char 1
1 Number with No validation 1 Number with No validation Number 1
1 char 1 Character Validation (Please do not define Min/Max Values for this value set) Char 1
1 char test 1 Character Char 1
10 Characters 10 Characters free text with no validation Char 10
10/Number A 10 digit positive number field with no validation Number 10
100 Characters 100 Characters Char 240
11 Characters   Char 11
120 Characters 120 Characters, no validation Char 120
14 Characters   Char 14
14 Digit Numbers Value set for India 14 digit numbers Number 14
15 Characters 15 Characters Char 15
15 Digit Number   Number 15
15 Number 15 Number Number 15
150 Characters Optional 150 Characters Optional Char 150
16 Characters 16 Characters Char 16
17 chars 17 chars, no validation Char 17
2 Character 2 Character with Zero Fill Char 2
2 Characters 2 Characters Char 2
2 Digits 2 Digit positive number Number 2
2 Digits(1-99) 1-99 Number 2
20 Characters 20 Characters Char 20
2003 SIC Legal Activity Codes for United Kingdom Char 50
24 Number only   Number 36
240 Characters 240 Characters Char 240
240 Characters Optional 240 Characters Optional Char 240
240 char 240 Characters Char 240
255 Char 255 Char Char 255
255 char   Char 255
27 Characters 27 Characters, no validation Char 27
2_Number Valueset for 2 digit Number Number 2
2char 2 characters upper case Char 2
3 Characters   Char 3
3 Digit Numbers Value Set for Demand Plan Rolling Process Number 3
3 Digits 3 digit positive number Number 3
30 Character Optional 30 Character Optional Char 30
30 Characters 30 Characters, no validation Char 30
30 Characters Optional 30 Characters Optional Char 30
30 char   Char 30
35 Chars 35 Alphanumeric Characters,no validation Char 35
4 Characters 4 Alpha/Numeric characters no validation Char 4
4 Digits 4 Digits for holding the year Number 4
40 Chars 40 Chars (no Validation) Char 40
5 Digit Numbers 5 digit positive numbers Number 5
5 Digits Value set to hold the range from 0 to 99999. Number 5
5 characters 5 characters Char 5
50 Characters 50 Characters free text with no validation Char 50
50 chars 50 chars, no validation Char 50
6 Character 6 character alpha numeric no validation Char 6
6 Characters 6 Alpha/Numeric characters no validation Char 6
6/Characters 6 Character Alpha/Numeric Char 6
6/Number A 6 digit positive number field with no validation Number 6
60 Char 60 Characters Char 60
60 Characters 60 Characters Char 60
60 Chars 60 Characters Char 60
7 characters 7 characters Char 7
7/Digits A 7 Digit number field with no validations, -ve numbers are allowed Number 10
7/Number A 7 digit positive number field with no validation Number 10
7/NumberWithZero A 7 digit whole number field with no validation Number 7
70 Characters 70 Characters Char 70
8 Characters 8 Characters Char 8
80 Characters 80 Characters Char 80
80 Characters - No Validation Any 80 characters - created for ECO/WIP Job Hold Alert Char 80
80 Characters Optional 80 Characters Optional Char 80
9 Number   Number 9
90 Characters 90 Characters, No Validation Char 90
94 Characters 94 Characters Char 94
FNDCPCRS_MODE Mode for request statistics summary/purge program Char 10
FNDFFTST_SSV_appl_short_name Char 50
FNDFFTST_SSV_desc_flex_name   Char 40
FNDFFTST_SSV_key_flex_code   Char 4
FNDFFTST_SSV_structure_number Number 10
FNDSCSRC(Sort By) Sort By for Signon Audit Concurrent Requests Report Char 80
FND_APPLICATION Application Name Char 240
FND_APPLICATION_ALL_VIEW Applications and ALL Char 240
FND_APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME Application Short Names Char 240
FND_AUDIT_GROUPS_NAME List of group_name from fnd_audit_groups Char 240
FND_BFM_LINE_BREAK Line Break options for Bulk Upload/Download. Char 10
FND_BFM_MODE Bulk File Manager Mode. Char 20
FND_CHAR100 100 Characters Char 100
FND_CHAR240 240 characters, unvalidated Char 240
FND_CHAR_240 240 characters, unvalidated Char 240
FND_CHAR_RESC 240 character unvalidated Char 240
FND_DATE Non-required date value set with format DD-MON-YY Date 9
FND_DATE4 Non-required date value set with format DD-MON-YYYY Date 11
FND_DATE4_REQUIRED Required date value set with format DD-MON-YYYY Date 11
FND_DATE4_REQUIRED_STANDARD Required date value set with format DD-MON-YYYY Standard Date 11
FND_DATE4_STANDARD Non-required date value set with format DD-MON-YYYY Standard Date 11
FND_DATE_REQUIRED Required date value set with format DD-MON-YY Date 9
FND_DATE_REQUIRED_STANDARD Required date value set with format DD-MON-YY Standard Date 11
FND_DATE_STANDARD Non-required date value set with format DD-MON-YY Standard Date 11
FND_FLEX_UPG_SRS_DTFORMAT_VSETS Date and DateTime Value Sets. Used in FNDFFUPG_CLONE_DATE conc. prog. Char 60
FND_FLEX_UPG_SRS_NFORMAT_VSETS Number Value Sets. Used in FNDFFUPG_NUMBER_ONE conc. prog. Char 60
FND_FLEX_UPG_SRS_NLS_NUMERIC_CHARS Supported NLS_NUMERIC_CHARS in Oracle Applications. Used in FNDFFUPG_NUMBER_% conc. progs. Char 2
FND_FLEX_UPG_SRS_XYFORMAT_VSETS Standard Date and Standard DateTime Value Sets. Used in FNDFFUPG_DATE_ONE conc. prog. Char 60
FND_FORM(Form Name) USER_FORM_NAME from FND_FORM for all applications Char 80
FND_INDUSTRIES2 Industry List Char 80
FND_LANGUAGES Language Codes Char 4
FND_LDAP_SYNCHRONIZATION_MODES LDAP synchronization modes Char 10
FND_LOBS_PROGRAM_NAME Existing Program Names Char 32
FND_LOBS_PROGRAM_TAGS Existing Program Tags for a specific Program Name Char 32
FND_LOGINS(Login name) LOGIN_NAME in FND_LOGINS.  Not validate Char 30
FND_LOGINS(Sort by) Sort By for Signon Audit Users Report Char 80
FND_LOGINS(Terminal_ID) TERMINAL_ID in FND_LOGINS.  Not validated Char 30
FND_LOGIN_RESPONSIBILITIES(Sort by) Sort By for Signon Audit Responsibility Report Char 80
FND_LOGIN_RESP_FORMS(Sort By) Sort By for Signon Audit Forms Report Char 80
FND_MO_LEDGERS Ledgers for Operating Units Char 20
FND_MO_OU   Char 240
FND_MO_REPORTING_LEVEL Multi-Org Reporting Level Char 60
FND_MO_TRL_AP_CA_CURRENCY Set of Books Currency - AP Reports Char 15
FND_MO_TRL_AR_CA_CURRENCY Set of Books Currency - AR Reports Char 15
FND_NUMBER Positive Integer Number Number 15
FND_NUMBER15 Non-Required numeric value set Number 15
FND_NUMBER15_REQUIRED Required numeric value set Number 15
FND_NUMBER_1 Integers Between 1 and 9 Number 1
FND_NUMBER_2 Integers Between 1 and 99 Number 2
FND_ORACLE_USERID ORACLE Usernames (Enabled only) Char 30
FND_PRINTER_DRIVERS(Priority) Number 4
FND_RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility Name Char 100
FND_RESPONSIBILITY(Responsbility Name) RESPONSIBILITY_NAME from FND_RESPONSIBILITY for all applications Char 100
FND_RESPONSIBILITY_GUI Responsibility Names (GUI only) for application Char 100
FND_SOA_MODULES Integrated SOA Gateway Modules Char 80
FND_SORT_FNDFFCVL Sort by Rule Name or Error Segment for Cross Validation Rule Listing Report Char 30
FND_STANDARD_DATE Date value set Standard Date 11
FND_STANDARD_DATETIME DateTime value set Standard DateTime 20
FND_STANDARD_DATE_REQUIRED Required Standard Date Standard Date 11
FND_STANDARD_DATE_TIME DateTime value set Standard DateTime 20
FND_STATS_ACTION Powers the Action Parameter of the Backup/Restore CBO Statistics Conc Program Char 8
FND_STATS_OWNER_ALL Value set for displaying the list of database schema owners, including ALL Char 30
FND_STATS_TABLES Powers the LOV that displays the LOV for the tables in a selected schema Char 30
FND_TABLES tables in fnd Char 30
FND_TABLES_ALL_VIEW Tables in application and ALL Char 30
FND_TERRITORIES Territories Char 15
FND_TX_CLASSES Ebiz Taxonomy Classes Char 30
FND_TX_GROUPS Ebiz Taxonomy Groups (Structures) Char 30
FND_UNSUCCESSFUL_LOGINS(Sort By) Sort By for Signon Audit Unsuccessful Logins Report Char 80
FND_USER   Char 100
FND_USER(Signon Audit)   Char 100
FND_USER(User Name) USER_NAME from FND_USER Char 100
FND_USERS User Id Char 50
FND_USER_FIX_EMP_CUST_ACTION Action to take when fixing employee_id and customer_id Char 30
FND_USER_FIX_EMP_CUST_ERROR class of error when fixing employee_id and customer_id Char 30
FND_WFLOAD_MODE Workflow Definitions Loader Mode Char 80
FND_WFRESGEN_MODE Workflow Resource Generator destination modes Char 80
FND_WF_AGENT Workflow Agent Char 30
FND_WF_AGENTS Workflow Agents Char 30
FND_WF_AQ_WAIT AQ wait period valiadetion set for WF BES Number 30
FND_WF_CORRELATION_ID Correlation ID validation set for WF BES. Char 128
FND_WF_DEQ_CONDITION Condition for dequeuing ( Currently it will not be displayed ) Char 120
FND_WF_ERR_ACTS Errored workflow activities for a given Itemtype Char 30
FND_WF_ERR_KEYS Workflow error item keys based on a given item type Char 50
FND_WF_ERR_PROCS Workflow processes with activities in ERROR Char 30
FND_WF_ITEM_TYPES Workflow Item Types Char 80
FND_WF_ITEM_TYPES_RAC Item types enabled for RAC leveraging Char 80
FND_WF_MAIL_STATUS Workflow Notification Mail Status Char 30
FND_WF_PERSISTENCE_TYPE Workflow Item Persistence Type Char 30
FND_WF_PURGE_YN Yes / No for purge Char 1
FND_WF_ROLES_LOV Workflow Roles LOV Char 80
FND_WF_RUNTIMEDATA_PURGE Validation set to equate boolean for Core Workflow Only data purge alone or Everything. Char 1
Fnd Stats Gather Options LOV for Gather Options for Fnd Stats Char 12
Fnd Stats History Mode History Mode LOV For Fnd Stats Char 8
Fnd Stats Purge Mode Purge Modes For the Fnd_stats purge_history program Char 10
Fnd Stats Yes_No   Char 3