Oracle Process Manufacturing


Oracle Process Manufacturing - Basic Setup Steps


  S.No. Action Responsibility  
  1 Define OPM Inventory Org Inventory  
  2 Define OPM Item Inventory  
  3 Org Parameters Product Develop Security Mgr  
  4 Define Activities Process Engineer  
  5 Define Generic Resources Process Engineer  
  6 Define Process Operation Process Engineer  
  7 Define Process Routing Process Engineer  
  8 Define Formula Formulator  
  9 Assign Product, By-Product, Ingredients to Formula Formulator  
  10 Define Recipe Formulator  
  11 Define Validity Rules Formulator  
  12 Assign Product, Formula & Routing to Recipe Formulator  
  13 Process Execution – Setup Parameter Production Supervisor  
  14 Document Numbering, Inventory Transaction, Batch Creation Production Supervisor  
  15 Batch Creation (Document) - (Select the Recipe for the batch) Production Supervisor  
  16 Release the Batch Production Supervisor  
  17 Transact the Batch (WIP issue the Ingredient) Production Supervisor  
  18 Complete the Batch Production Supervisor  
  19 On Hand Availability for Product & By-Products Inventory