Accounts Receivables profile options...useful

User Profile Option Name Description / Purpose
AR: Activate Multi Fund Accounting Extract AR: Activate Multi Fund Accounting Extract
AR: Allow Duplicate Taxpayer Customer should be allowed to be created with the duplicate Taxpayer ID
AR: Allow Overapplication In Lockbox Allow overapplication to an invoice, whose type is setup to be overapplied, through a lockbox receipt.
AR: Allow Transaction Batching Allows batches to be associated with transactions
AR: Allow Update Of Existing Sales Credits Determines if sales credits can be updated or must be adjusted with additional sales credit records.
AR: Allow summary table refresh AR: Allow summary table refresh
AR: Alternate Name Search Use Alternate Name Search
AR: Always Default Transaction Balance for Applications Always Default Transaction Balance for Applications
AR: Application GL Date Default Determine the logic to default GL date for applications
AR: AutoInvoice Gather Statistics Specify whether AutoInvoice analyzes the interface tables or not
AR: Automatic Contact Numbering Contact numbers are automatically system generated
AR: Automatic Receipt Creation Authority Automatic receipt creation authority
AR: Automatic Remittance Creation Authority Automatic remittance creation authority
AR: BPA Attachment Update Enabled Indicates if attachments can be updated on BPA online bills
AR: BPA Detail Access Enabled Indicates if details are accessible on BPA online bills
AR: BPA Ignore Open Receivables If set to Yes then all transactions will be printed irrespective of its transaction type open receivables flag.
AR: BPA Print Attachment Document Category Identifies the document category for the attachments that will be printed
AR: Bank Directory URL URL for Bank Directory web service
AR: Bills Receivable Batch Source Bills Receivable Batch Source
AR: Cash - Allow Actions Allow actions in Enter Receipts form
AR: Cash - Default Amount Applied Default amount applied in cash forms
AR: Change Customer on Transaction Gives users the ability to update the names of customers on transactions
AR: Close Periods - Run Collections Effectiveness Report Defines if the Collections Effectiveness Report will be automatically invoked when a period is closed
AR: Commit between validations in Lockbox Commit between validations in Lockbox Processing
AR: Create Bank Charges Allow Bank Charges at Receipt Creation Time
AR: Credit Hierarchy Type AR Credit Management Hierarchy Type
AR: Credit Limit Selection If 'Single', then ignore multi-currency setup. If 'Multi' use multi-currency setup for credit checking.
AR: Credit Memo Workflow timeout notification Credit Memo Workflow timeout notification to get next approver or manager
AR: Cross Currency Rate Type Allow the derivation of the trans to receipt rate from GL for cross currency applications if required.
AR: Customer Merge Commit Size Number of customers in a customer merge commit unit
AR: Customers - Enter Alternate Fields Allows user to enter alternative name and address fields
AR: Debug Level for Lockbox and PostBatch Set debug level for Lockbox and PostBatch
AR: Default Credit Management Currency AR: Default Credit Management Currency
AR: Default Exchange Rate Type Default exchange rate type for Exchange Rate
AR: Default Open Receipts for Applications Defaults the value of the Open Receipts check boxes
AR: Default Primary Site Use Default Primary Site Use
AR: Deposit Offset Account Source Indicates which source to use for a commitment's account derivation
AR: Document Number Generation Level Determines the event to generate Document Number
AR: Dunning Letter Remit-To Address Label Size Allows user to change the Dunning Letter Remit-To address label size
AR: EBS Autoinvoice Preprocessor AI will convert the NCU amounts to EURO amount if this is set
AR: Enable Credit Card Preprocessor Obsolete: Enables Autoinvoice to invoke the Credit Card Preprocessor package.
AR: Enable Cross Currency Enable the creation of cross currency receipt applications.
AR: Enable Debug Message Output Enables or disables printing of debug messages
AR: Enable SQL trace Enables or disables sql trace output
AR: Exchange rate details for deductions Used for getting exchange rate details for creating deductions
AR: Factor / Endorse Bills Receivables without Recourse Factor / Endorse Bills Receivables without Recourse
AR: GL Transfer Balance Test GL Transfer program will check debit and credit balances are equal
AR: Golden Tax Enabled Yes or No,User can't use any GTA features if this profile value is set to 'No'
AR: Golden Tax Import Directory Import file directory for Golden Tax Invoice Import concurrent program
AR: Include Closed Invoices during Auto-Associate Include or Exclude Closed Invoices during customer Identification through Auto-Associate
AR: Include Receipts At Risk In Customer Balance Determines whether Receivables will include receipts at risk when calculating a customer's account balance
AR: Invoices with Unconfirmed Receipts Adjust or credit invoices that have been selected for automatic receipt
AR: Item Flexfield Mode Item Flexfield Mode
AR: Keep or Replace Existing Profile Amounts Keep the profile amounts from the old profile class, or replace the profile amounts
AR: Lockbox and Quickcash Gather Statistics Specify whether Lockbox/Quickcash analyzes the interface/interim tables or not
AR: Mask Bank Account Numbers Used to determine how, if at all, the bank account numbers should be masked.
AR: Oracle Exchange Database Link Name Name of database link from Oracle Financials instance to Oracle Exchange instance
AR: Override Adjustment Activity Account Option Allow override of default adjustment activity account
AR: Query Criteria check Checks if query is to be based on indexed columns
AR: Recalculate tax on update of tax information Tax calculation is triggered when user navigates from Additional Tax Information window to Transaction Lines window if this profile option value is 'Y'
AR: Receipt Application keep cross currency rate unchanged Receipt Application keep cross currency rate unchanged
AR: Receipt Batch Source Batch control source
AR: Require Adjustment Reason Require Adjustment Reason when creating adjustments
AR: Require Payment Method on Remittance Batch Controls whether Payment Method/Receipt Class is mandatory in Remittances Form
AR: Show Billing Number Show Billing Number in Forms and Reports
AR: Show Parties Without Accounts In DQM Display/Hide Party records without Customer Accounts in DQM Search
AR: Sort Customer Reports by Alternate Fields Allows user to sort customer reports by alternate fields
AR: Statement Generation Gather Statistics Specify whether Statement Generation process analyzes the interface tables or not
AR: Transaction Batch Source Batch or transaction control source
AR: Transaction Flexfield QuickPick Attribute The invoice-level transaction flex attribute that appears in invoice QuickPicks throughout AR
AR: Update Due Date Allow update of Invoice Due Date
AR: Use APPEND Hint Specify whether to use APPEND hint during insertion
AR: Use Invoice Accounting For Credit Memos Credit memo accounting is derived from invoice accounting
AR: Use Oracle Approvals Management in Credit Memo Workflow AR: Use Oracle Approval Management in Credit Memo Workflow
AR: Use Parallel Hints Specify whether a parallel hint can be used
AR: Use Statement, Dunning, and Late Charges Site Profiles Specifies whether the profiles attached to Statement site, Dunning site and Late Charges site should be considered instead of the profile at Bill To site
AR: Workflow Debug File (null)
AR: Workflow Debug File Path (null)
AR: Workflow Debug Flag (null)
AR: Zengin Character Set Character set for Zengin lockbox import file
AR: iReceivables System Administrator Email iReceivables System Administrator Email Address
AR:Customer Text Last Successful Run Stores the last successful run date of customer text data creation and indexing process
AR:Disable Receivable Activity Balancing Segment Substitution Disable the substitution of balancing segment for receivable activity.
AR:Enable Journal Balance Check Enable the Journal Balance Check in Receivables
AR:Maximum lines per AutoInvoice worker Determines the maximum number of lines per AutoInvoice worker
AR:Number of Applications per Receipt to clear GT tables Maximum number of applications per receipt after which the GT tables will be cleared in ARTACCMB.pls