Install Base


Application Id: 542

Module Short Name: CSI



Oracle Install Base Overview:

Oracle Install Base is an item instance life cycle tracking application that facilitates enterprise-wide life cycle item management and tracking capabilities. Oracle Install Base tracks an item from the time that it is received in inventory, in work in process, in projects, at customer sites, and throughout the return and repair process. It records a history of changes to tracked items and supports the creation and maintenance of Oracle Install Base configurations.

Oracle Install Base is a centralized repository of information for an item instance and its tracking details including location, status, ownership, party relationships, account relationships, contact relationships, configuration data, and the change history of customer items or corporate assets. The application includes drill-down capability to obtain details of inventory, work in process, and order management transactions affecting an item's tracking attributes.

Additionally, Oracle Install Base provides links to detailed information from contracts, service requests, repair orders initiated for an item instance, and counters associated with the item instance.

Note: Oracle Install Base support is subject to rules, conditions, and limitations discussed in various sections of this guide. These are not exhaustive. Although most situations are covered, it is not possible to specify all rules, conditions, and limitations with regard to the functionality of the application.

Features of Oracle Install Base

Functional Overview

Oracle Install Base is capable of tracking serialized and non-serialized item instances including:

  • Tangible items such as manufactured, purchased, and shipped items
  • Intangible items such as software, services, licenses, and agreements
  • Tangible assets including fixed, movable, and leased assets

Oracle Install Base leverages existing Oracle applications and is fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Key features and functionality include the following:

  • Item instance maintenance
  • Support for inventory transactions
  • Centralized repository of information:
    • Item instance consolidated transactions history
    • Item instance timestamp and version label history
    • History of Oracle E-Business Suite transactions affecting Oracle Install Base
  • Instance relationships with multiple party/accounts
  • Configuration support and instance-to-instance relationships
  • Open Interface and Quick Edit capabilities:
    • Mass load of item instances by an open interface
    • Quick online edit of attributes for a group of item instances
  • System grouping of item instances
  • Capability of user-defined extended attributes

Instance Maintenance

Oracle Install Base provides for creation, updating, querying, and copying of instances through Oracle Install Base user interfaces and through integration with other applications. These include Oracle applications such as:

  • Oracle Service Contracts
  • Oracle Field Service
  • Oracle Depot Repair
  • Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
  • Receiving
  • Oracle Work in Process
  • Oracle Inventory
  • Oracle Projects
  • Oracle Order Management
  • Shipping
  • Oracle Purchasing
  • Contact Center and the eBiz Center

Asset creation and maintenance can be invoked using Oracle Asset Tracking.

It provides tracking of location, status, addresses, contacts, business party relationships, inter-instance relationships, extended pricing, instance attributes, and a host of other item instance attributes.

Instance maintenance can be directly performed using robust HTML query, search, and edit capabilities.

Support for Inventory Transactions

Oracle Install Base supports creation and update of item instances and attributes for transactions originating in Oracle Inventory. These include internal transactions such as internal order shipments and subinventory transfers, discrete manufacturing transactions such as WIP component issue and WIP component return, and external transactions such as sales order shipments to external customers. Oracle Install Base also provides instance maintenance for transactions involving Oracle Purchasing, Contact Center, and e-Biz Center.

Note: Oracle strongly recommends that you set up the Inventory Install Base tracking parameter at the item master level. You must select items as Trackable for all organizations.

Similarly, you must set lot, locator, revision, serial, and others at the master level.

The Oracle Install Base User Guide provides a comprehensive list of all transactions that Oracle Install Base supports, including those that are triggered by Oracle Inventory.

Centralized Repository of Information

Here are examples of information that you can find in the centralized repository that is Oracle Install Base:

  • Consolidated transactions history for an item instance

Oracle Install Base provides a single, centralized user interface to view and drill down from all transactions affecting tracking attributes for an item over the life of the item instance. Transaction details include, for example, transaction type, source application, transaction, line reference, and transaction date.

  • Timestamp and version label history for an item instance

In the Item Instance History page you can view the state of the attributes of an instance by specifying a date-time stamp or a version label. This feature provides valuable information regarding what an item instance looked like at a given point in time.

  • History of Oracle E-Business Suite transactions affecting Oracle Install Base

Oracle Install Base provides the ability to query transactions by date range, status, and transaction types across Oracle E-Business Suite applications. It pulls together information from multiple applications and presents it in a single, central user interface.