Oracle Work In Process (WIP) profile options...useful

User Profile Option Name Description / Purpose
WIP: Align Job Dates with Shift Calendar Align Job Start and Completion dates based on Calendar shifts
WIP: Display Scrap and Reject Quantity in Discrete Workstation Display operations with scrap and reject quantity in Discrete Workstation
WIP: Enable MRP Net for Non-standard Job Requirements Indicates whether MRP net checkbox will be checked by default in non-standard job
WIP: MES for Discrete Manufacturing Install MES for Discrete Manufacturing Install
WIP: Round Off Resource Usage to Minutes in Lead Time Calculations (null)
WIP:Configuration Reservation Level Level at which the completed configuration is reserved
WIP:Default Job Start Date Indicates if the Start Date field in the Discrete Jobs form is defaulted to the current date
WIP:Define Discrete Job Form Sets job creation and update mode in the Discrete Jobs form
WIP:Discrete Job Prefix Default prefix for discrete job name
WIP:Enable Outside Processing Workflows Enables outside processing workflows
WIP:Exclude ECOs Indicates ECO statuses excluded from job creation and update
WIP:Initiate Approval Process after Requisition Import Initiate Approval Process after Requisition Import
WIP:Job Name Updatable Indicates if job name is updatable in the Discrete Jobs form
WIP:Launch Requisition Import for PO Receipt Launch Requisition Import concurrent program for PO Receipt
WIP:Move Completion Default Indicates if the default transaction type is Complete in the Move Transactions form
WIP:Purchasing By Revision Indicates if the item revision is defaulted on purchasing documents
WIP:Requirement Nettable Option Indicates if non-nettable subinventories are included in onhand quantities
WIP:See Engineering Items Indicates if engineering items are visible