Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis Overview




Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis leverages the rich project management functionality of Oracle Projects to facilitate evaluation and collection of projects in a portfolio. It uses financial criteria, strategic goals, and information on available funds to help you evaluate, prioritize, and select the right projects to match your business objectives. It enables you to standardize project funding decisions based on your business and financial objectives by defining weighted criteria and targets, such as return on investment, market fit, and technology risk

With this application you can leverage detailed and real-time project finances, including costs and revenue. Project Portfolio Analysis provides graphic charts to compare and rank new and continuing projects. You can also create and compare multiple what-if scenarios to understand the impact of changes to projects and finances.

Key features of Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis include:

  • Creation and management of portfolios made up of projects

  • Comprehensive portfolio analysis tools

  • Periodic and ad hoc planning cycles

  • Dynamic project weighting and scoring based upon defined selection criteria

  • Ability to create multiple project assessment scenarios for individual portfolios

  • Full range of portfolio analysis reports, charts, and graphs

  • Robust project portfolio approval workflow