Depot Repair


Brief of Depot Repair:

It happens often that the product bought by customer is either damaged or malfunctioning. To cater this requirement, Oracle provides solution in the form of Oracle Depot Repair Module which tracks the repair process from the time the item is received from customer to the point it is shipped back to the customer after repair. It basically provides the end to end solution covering the following aspects of repair process:

●   Receiving the item

●   Diagnosis of problem(s)

●   Estimate the cost of repair

●   Approval of repair estimate

●   Creation of WIP Job to repair the item

●   Calculation of repair charges

●   Ship the item back to customer

●     Oracle depot repair also covers other scenarios where the item needs to be replaced thus providing holistic end to end solution for the automated depot repair process.

●   Depot repair is tightly integrated with other Oracle modules.


Prerequisite  setups  for  Inventory

The prerequisite set ups which needs to be taken care are: Go to ‘Service’ TAB  in Master Items Form

●   Enable Select Service Request  = Enabled

●   To track the items in Oracle Installed Base, enable the check box ‘Track in Installed Base’


●   Billing Type also needs to be selected. Select ‘Billing Type’ = Material.


Bill of Material needs to be set up otherwise user has to manually enter the BOM while selecting

Service Code

Job can be either WIP based or Task based. Since our project dealt with WIP based job, hence we will cover WIP Job creation in this document.

●     When reviewing the WIP setup for Depot Repair, remember that Repair Jobs use the non­standard WIP functionality.

Master      Items Form to show Item Set Up  for     Depot Repair Process



To create a repair order in Oracle Depot Repair module, it is mandatory to create a service request. When we enter details for both the Service Request and the Repair Order, and it creates both at the same time.

The following fields are mandatory for service request creation

●   Customer Name or

●   Customer account number

●   Enter a brief summary of the repair issue in the Summary text field



RO  Creation

A Repair Order cannot be created without a Repair Type. When you create a Repair Order is created Oracle Depot Repair, then as on the Repair Type, the application automatically defaults one or more RMA( Return Material Authorization) and Sales Order lines in ‘Logistics’ Tab with action types of Repair and Ship respectively. These logistic lines can also be created manually.

In our example, we have used Repair type as “ Warranty ­ Repair and Return". For this repair type we have service activity codes as “Return for Repair” and “Ship Repaired Item”





The below screen represents the association of service activity code to repair type. Pre repair:

Navigation : Depot Repair Super User ­> Depot Repair ­> Setup ­ > Repair Types



In Logistic Tab ­> select logistic line (where Service Activity code : Return for Repair)

and manually book order through selecting the ‘Book Order’ check box

●   Initial status would be ‘ Entered’.

●   After clicking the process button the status would be changed to ‘Booked’.



This item needs to be received in order to create a WIP job. This can be done through by selecting the logistic line and select the action “Receive” from Actions LOV. Click on Go button.

Once this is completed the status changes from ‘Booked ‘to ‘Received’.



●    In Depot Repair Module, Job can be created in the following ways:

1.   High Volume Repair  (HVR) Form

2.   Repair Estimate Tab in Depot Repair WorkBench

3.   Repair Jobs Tab in Depot Repair WorkBench

●   This document explains the process of creation of WIP JOB through High Volume Repair form.

●   Navigate to Depot Repair Super User­> Depot Repair ­> High Volume Repair.

●   In this High Volume Repair Form  – Query for RO number

●     The main body of the Repair Order page contains three tabs ­ Evaluation, Repair Execution, Debrief Report ­ where you perform the main repair order processing.



Query for RO number in High Volume Repair Form

Using the Evalution TAB:

This TAB displays all the diagnostic and service codes that have been associated with the Repair Order

Item and Repair Order History. Here the main tasks are to select the applicable – Diagnostic Codes and Service Codes to generate WIP jobs with appropriate bills and routings.

The process needs to be followed as below:

1.   Mark one or more of the diagnostic codes as applicable. The applicable diagnostic codes are used in determining which service codes to use when you click Recommend Services in the Service Codes region.

2.   Mark one or more service codes as Applicable.

3.   Click Recommend Services.

After you click Recommend Services, you may get several service codes returned and automatically marked as Applicable in the Service Codes region, depending on how you set up your recommendations.

4.   Click Generate Jobs


Using the Execution TAB

Now since the job is created, material issue needs to be done to the job in the following way:

By selecting the items and clicking issue button and selecting the corresponding Technician

Sub Inventory .

Item issued against the WIP Job. Now technician repairs the item and complete the operation associated with WIP job by clicking on ‘Complete’ Button.

Now complete the WIP Job by selecting ‘Complete Job’ option and clicking on ‘Go’ button. For this he needs to enter ‘Completion Sub­Inventory’ and ‘Serial Number’ of item.

Now the WIP job is completed against the Repair Order.





Depot Repair Base Tables