FA Setup Checklist

Setup Description Required?
GL Setup : Define Chart of accounts, period types, calendars, currencies and set of Books for GL Required
Set up Asset category flexfield Required
Set up location flexfields Required
Set up Asset key flexfields Required
Set up system controls Required
Define Locations Optional
Define Asset keys Optional
Define standard asset description and other quick code values Optional
Define ficals years Required
Define calendar (Depreciation and prorate) Required
Define additional Journal entry sources Optional
Define additional Journal entry Categories Optional
Define Book Controls Required
Review account generator default Required
Define additonal depreciation methods and rates Optional
Define depreciation ceilings Optional
Define inventment tax credits Optional
Define Pro-rate and retirement conventions Required
Define price indexes Optional
Define UOM Optional
Define Asset Categories Required
Define distribution sets Optional
Define leases Optional
Define warranties Optional
Define supplier and employee numbering schema Optional
Define suppliers Optional
Defien Employee Optional
Define descriptive flexfields Optional
Review default profile options Required
Define additional responsibilities Optional