GL Setup Checklist

Setup Description Required?
Define Responsibilities Yes
Define Value Set Yes
Define flexfield structure Yes
Define Segment Values Yes
Define roll up groups Yes
Define security rules No
Define Cross-validation rules No
Enter Account code combition No
Enter Addtitional I/C accounts No
Define summary Accounts No
Define Calendar period types Yes
Define Calendar period Yes
Defien transaction calendar No
Define curriencies Yes
Define daliy conversion rate type Yes
Define daliy conversion rate No
Defne Set of books Yes
Assign Set of books to a responsibility Yes
Define historical rates No
Defne short hand alises No
Defne journal sources Yes
Defne Journal categories Yes
Defne statistcal units of measure No
Defne Budgetary Control groups No
Defne encumbrance type No
Set up Autometc Posting No
Index accountinf flexfield segments No
Defne system controls Yes
Defne Profile options Yes
Defne and assign document sequneces No
Open and close accountinf periods Yes
Configure the Desktop integrater No
Administer system issues No
Defne concurrent programe controls No
Use the optimizer to improve performance No
Set system storage parameters No