Oracle Form: Restricting Lookup form to one Lookup type

Lookup are important part of Oracle Apps, which is used for providing the values for validation and selection. These lookups are mainly defined in Application Developer or inside some Super user Responsibility. Access to these lookups are restricted to few users as changes in these values can hamper the functionality of programs and forms to which this lookup is associated.
To Avoid this, sometimes the requirement is to provide a user with access to a particular lookup type, without effecting any other lookups.


1) Create a new form function with for the form function of Lookup “FND_FNDLVMCL”.

  1. Navigation: System Admin-> Application-> Function
  2. Description
    i. Function: FND_FNDLVMCL_LOOKUP
    ii. User Function Name: CST FORM Lookups: Common
    iii. Description: CST FORM Lookups: Common
  3. Properties
    i. Type: Form
  4. Form
    i. Form: Define Lookups

  5. tech_lookup_restriction1.png

    Lookup Screenshot

2) Attaching this form function to any existing menu.

  1. Navigation: System Admin-> Application-> Menu
  2. Query the menu to which this form function needs to be attached
  3. tech_lookup_restriction2.png

Now when the user will open this newly created Lookup form then it will always going to open the Lookup type which we have given at the Form-Function parameter screen.


  • Will access only that lookup which he want to access.
  • Cannot create, update or delete any other lookup.
  • Can delete or update the lookup to which he has given the access through this menu.