Oracle Apps Modules Short Names

ADS Development ADS_DEV ADS_DEV 20062
APAC Consulting Localizations CLA CLA 13017
Advanced Benefits BEN PER 805
Advanced Outbound Telephony IEC IEC 545
Advanced Pricing QP QP 661
Advanced Product Catalog EGO EGO 431
Advanced Supply Chain Planning MSC MSC 724
Alert ALR ALR 160
Application Implementation AZ AZ 190
Application Object Library FND FND 0
Application Report Generator RG GL 168
Application Utilities AU AU 3
Applications BIS BIS BIS 191
Applications DBA AD AD 50
Applications Demonstration Services ADS ADS 20041
Applications Shared Technology SHT SHT 60
Approvals Management AME AME 203
Asia/Pacific Localizations JA JA 7000
Asset Tracking CSE CSE 873
Assets OFA FA 140
Automotive VEA VEA 663
Bills of Material BOM BOM 702
Budgeting and Planning PBR PBR 502
Build/syncronize Contracts Repository Text index OKC_REP_TXT_INDEX_SYNC OKC_REP_TXT_INDEX_SYNC 20160
CRM Foundation JTF JTF 690
CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices ASG ASG 689
Call Center CSN CSN 20180
Call Center Connectors IET IET 547
Capacity CRP CRP 705
Capital Resource Logistics - Assets CUA CUA 8731
Capital Resource Logistics - Projects IPA IPA 8721
Cash Management CE CE 260
Citizen Interaction Center CUG CUG 866
Clinical Transaction Base CTB CTB 3002
Collections IEX IEX 695
Common Modules-AK AK AK 601
Communications BRM COMMS_BRM COMMS_BRM 20068
Communications Intelligence BIN BIN 679
Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul AHL AHL 867
Configurator CZ CZ 708
Constraint Based Optimization MSO MSO 723
Content Manager IBC IBC 549
Contract Commitment IGC IGC 8407
Contracts Core OKC OKC 510
Contracts Integration OKX OKX 524
Core Banking COREBANK COREBANK 20065
Cost Management CST BOM 707
Culinary Application CLR CLR 20021
Custom Development CUSTOM CUSTOM 20061
Custom General Ledger CUSTGL CUSTGL 20067
Customer Care CSC CSC 511
Customers Online IMC IMC 879
Data Query ODQ ODQ 525
DateTrack DT PER 803
Demand Planning MSD MSD 722
Demand Signal Repository DDR 9003
Demo Order Entry (AOL Class) DEM DEM 20001
Depot Repair CSD CSD 512
Development DNA DNA 429
Digital Asset Management IAM IAM 878
Document Managment and Collaboration DOM DOM 432
E-Business Tax ZX ZX 235
E-Records EDR EDR 709
EMEA Consulting Localizations CLE CLE 13014
Email Center IEM IEM 680
Engineering ENG ENG 703
Enterprise Asset Management EAM EAM 426
Environment Management System EMS EMS 40
European Localizations JE JE 7002
Exchange POM POM 298
FastFormula FF PER 802
Federal Financials FV FV 8901
Field Service CSF CSF 513
Field Service/Laptop CSL CSL 868
Field Service/Palm CSM CSM 883
Financials Common Modules FUN FUN 435
Flow Manufacturing FLM FLM 714
Genealogy Intelligence GNI GNI 747
General Ledger SQLGL GL 101
Global Accounting Engine AX AX 600
Grants Accounting GMS GMS 8402
Healthcare HCA HCA 3004
Healthcare Intelligence HCP HCP 3003
Healthcare Terminology Server HCT HCT 3005
Human Resources PER PER 800
IVR Integrator IEV IEV 546
Incentive Compensation CN CN 283
Installed Base CSI CSI 542
Institutional Banking INSTITBANK INSTITBANK 20066
Interaction Blending IEB IEB 699
Interaction Center Technology IEO IEO 539
Internet Procurement Enterprise Connector ITG ITG 230
Inventory INV INV 401
Inventory Optimization MSR MSR 726
Japan Consulting Localizations CLJ CLJ 13016
LAD Consulting Localizations CLL CLL 13015
Labor Distribution PSP PSP 8403
Latin America Localizations JL JL 7004
Learning Management OTA OTA 810
Lease and Finance Management OKL OKL 540
Legal Entity Configurator XLE XLE 204
Loans LNS LNS 206
Manufacturing MFG MFG 700
Manufacturing Execution System for Process Manufacturing GMO 560
Manufacturing Mobile Applications WMA WMA 407
Manufacturing Scheduling WPS WPS 388
Marketing AMS AMS 530
Marketing Encyclopedia System AMV AMV 520
Mass Market Receivables for Comms CUR CUR 8725
Master Scheduling/MRP MRP MRP 704
Media Interactive MIV MIV 860
Mobile Application Foundation JTM JTM 874
Mobile Applications MWA MWA 405
Mobile Applications for Inventory Management MIA MIA 403
Mobile Quality Applications MQA MQA 425
Number Portability XNP XNP 534
Optimize Contracts Repository Text index OKC_REP_TXT_INDEX_OPTIMIZE OKC_REP_TXT_INDEX_OPTIMIZE 20161
Oracle Applications Manager OAM OAM 99
Oracle Clinical Data Repository CDR CDR 3006
Oracle Deal Management QPR 667
Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics IZU 278
Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting GHG 9008
Oracle Imaging Process Management IPM 207
Oracle In-Memory Cost Management CMI 9010
Oracle Landed Cost Management INL 9004
Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center MTH 9001
Oracle Price Protection DPP 9000
Oracle Sales for Handhelds ASP ASP 869
Oracle Telecommunications Billing Integrator XNB XNB 881
Oracle Web Analytics IBW IBW 666
Oracle Yard Management YMS 9009
Oracle iProcurement ICX ICX 178
Order Capture ASO ASO 697
Order Entry OE OE 300
Order Management ONT ONT 660
Outsourced Manufacturing for Discrete Industries JMF JMF 778
Partner Management PV PV 691
Patch Tracking System PTX PTX 41
Payables SQLAP AP 200
Payments IBY IBY 673
Payroll PAY PER 801
Predictive IEP IEP 548
Process Manufacturing Financials GMF GMF 555
Process Manufacturing Inventory GMI GMI 551
Process Manufacturing Logistics GML GML 556
Process Manufacturing Portal GMW GMW 559
Process Manufacturing Process Execution GME GME 553
Process Manufacturing Process Planning GMP GMP 554
Process Manufacturing Product Development GMD GMD 552
Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management GR GR 557
Process Manufacturing Systems GMA GMA 550
Progress Custom PRGC PRGC 20063
Project Contracts OKE OKE 777
Project Manufacturing PJM PJM 712
Project Portfolio Analysis FPA FPA 440
Projects PA PA 275
Property Manager PN PN 240
Proposals PRP PRP 694
Provisioning XDP XDP 535
Public Sector Financials PSA PSA 8450
Public Sector Financials International IGI IGI 8400
Public Sector HR PQH PQH 8302
Public Sector Payroll PQP PQP 8303
Public Sector Receivables PSR PSR 20139
Purchasing PO PO 201
Quality QA QA 250
Quoting QOT QOT 880
Receivables AR AR 222
Regional Localizations JG JG 7003
Release Management RLM RLM 662
Report Manager FRM FRM 265
Retail Core RRC RRC 719
Revenue Accounting CUC CUC 8726
Risk Management QRM QRM 186
Risk Manager RMG RMG 509
Royalty Management OKT OKT 877
Sales ASN ASN 280
Sales Analysis AN AN 501
Sales Foundation AS AS 279
Sales Offline ASL ASL 544
Sales Online ASF ASF 522
Scheduler CSR CSR 698
Scripting IES IES 519
Service CS CS 170
Service Assurance for Communications XNA XNA 536
Service Contracts OKS OKS 515
Shipping Execution WSH WSH 665
Shop Floor Management WSM WSM 410
Site Management RRS RRS 718
Sourcing PON PON 396
Spares Management CSP CSP 523
Subledger Accounting XLA XLA 602
Supplier Scheduling CHV CHV 202
Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet CLN CLN 701
System Administration SYSADMIN SYSADMIN 1
Systems Intelligence BIY BIY 863
Team 01 Order Entry Demo DEM01 DEM01 20200
TeleBusiness for Telecom/Utilities XNT XNT 537
TeleSales AST AST 521
Telephony Manager CCT CCT 172
Time and Labor HXT HXT 808
Time and Labor Engine HXC HXC 809
Trade Management OZF OZF 682
Transportation Execution FTE FTE 716
Treasury XTR XTR 185
US Federal Human Resources GHR PER 8301
Universal Work Queue IEU IEU 696
University Curriculum OUC OUC 20114
Utility Billing BLC BLC 436
Warehouse Management WMS WMS 385
Web Applications Desktop Integrator BNE BNE 231
Work in Process WIP WIP 706
XML Gateway ECX ECX 174
XML Publisher XDO XDO 603
e-Commerce Gateway EC EC 175
eCommerce Intelligence BIE BIE 678
iAssets IA IA 205
iAuction IBT IBT 675
iHCIntegrate HCN HCN 3001
iRecruitment IRC IRC 821
iSettlement ISX ISX 415
iStore IBE IBE 671
iSupplier Portal POS POS 177
iSupport IBU IBU 672