Oracle Project Management Overview




Successful project management requires continuous decision-making in order to meet expected delivery and financial targets. Oracle Project Management gives project managers the visibility and control they need to deliver projects successfully and operate efficiently. It presents project managers with a comprehensive integration of the major elements of project management: plans, progress, issues, changes, documents, effort and cost, financial information, performance, and status reports.

With Oracle Project Management, project managers can proactively plan and forecast their projects, manage change and performance in real-time, focus on desired project outcomes rather than data management, and make better decisions with less effort.

Key features of Oracle Project Management are:

  • Integrated project planning and tracking

  • Issue and change management

  • Budget and forecast oversight

  • Real-time project performance management through visual status indicators for key performance areas and individual measures

  • Configurable project performance reporting packs periodically generated and distributed to recipients by e-mail

  • Robust project security and access

  • Intuitive and easily personalizable user interface

  • Integration with everyday Project Management tools

Oracle Project Management eliminates silos of information, enabling project managers to oversee workplans, resource assignments, financial forecasts, project accounting, communications to stakeholders, and collaborative execution of project work internal and external to the organization.

Project managers can periodically receive status information on project performance through e-mail notifications. The notification includes exceptions in performance enabling quick corrective action and the successful completion of the project.

In addition, project managers can view and archive for future reference, summary information and details on project performance without accessing the application. A reporting pack of such reports can be configured for content, layout, and output format. You can also have the reporting pack scheduled for generation and distribution by e-mail to recipients by named roles.