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The applications that make up the Oracle Projects suite work together to provide a complete enterprise project management solution. They give you a flexible approach to defining and managing your projects and the people, schedules, deliverables, and finances associated with them.

At the aggregate level, enterprise project management involves the collection and coordination of corporate resources (such as people, money, and hard assets) to accomplish a predefined scope of work in a scheduled time frame and budget. Some enterprises only have projects that are internal in nature, such as projects that track time and costs related to marketing campaigns or infrastructure build-out programs for capital development. Alternatively, many enterprises are entirely project oriented: they derive their entire income stream from projects that provide client services. Oracle Projects includes billing functionality that enables these enterprises to generate project invoices of varying complexity for their clients.

The Oracle Projects application suite includes a variety of features central to the requirements of competent and efficient enterprise project management. It enables project managers to effectively oversee their projects, assess progress against predetermined milestones and budgets, staff their projects with appropriate talent, and quickly generate a wide variety of reports. It also helps virtual and globally distributed project teams to efficiently communicate, collaborate, and complete tasks.

Oracle Projects also gives corporate executives the ability to quickly see how projects are performing across the enterprise. It enables them to drill down to areas of geographical interest or product specialization to review projects that are potential problems or are in immediate need of additional attention.

Oracle Projects applications are designed to integrate with many other Oracle application suites (including Oracle HRMS, Oracle Financials, and Oracle Supply Chain applications) to provide an efficient information flow, facilitate a global sharing of resources, and provide robust intercompany accounting.

Oracle Projects consists of the following products:

  • Oracle Project Costing

  • Oracle Project Billing

  • Oracle Project Resource Management

  • Oracle Project Management

  • Oracle Project Collaboration

  • Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Projects

  • Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis