Oracle Payroll profile options...useful

User Profile Option Name Description / Purpose
PAY: Check for Update Element Entry API? (Yes/No) This profile controls the behavior of PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRY_API, whether to create a date-tracked element entry or ignore the action when values are the same as the existing element entry.
PAY: Costing Flexfield Structure Structure identification for Costing Flexfield for Norway localization.
PAY: Disable Custom XML Code (Yes/No) Profile Option to disable custom XML code
PAY: Display Reset Years in Payroll This option enables the user to reset the payroll periods after certain number of years. Valid for lunar month period type.
PAY: Element Type Id Element Type Id Profile
PAY: Enable Workflow for Assignment Costing This profile triggers workflow for Assignment Costing
PAY: Generate Periods for Tax Year Default period names based on Tax Year
PAY: NO Altinn Server Altinn Server URL
PAY: PL Statement of Earnings Display Zero Used by Polish localization to turn on/off display of elements with 0 values in SOE
PAY: Run CA Direct Deposit with XML Publisher Run CA Direct Deposit with XML Publisher
PAY: Starting Year for US Federal Taxes Direct Balances (YYYY) Profile Option to specify the starting year from which Direct Balances are to be used for US Federal Taxes
PAY:Allow Paymethod Changes after Prepayments Allow Paymethod Changes after Prepayments
PAY:Statement of Earnings User Category Identifies User Category shown in SOE
PAY:Use Direct Balances for US Federal Taxes Profile Option to Enable the Direct Balance Approach for US Federal Tax Balances
PAY:Use hints in Rollback Payroll process with Assignment Sets Use hints in Rollback Payroll process with Assignment Sets or not.