Service Contracts profile options...useful

User Profile Option Name Description / Purpose
OKS: Accounting Duration Basis Accounting Duration Basis
OKS: Billing Report And Log Write Output and Log File for Service Contracts Main Billing Job
OKS: Billing Schedule Level Default level for billing schedules
OKS: CASCADE ATTRIBUTES USING CONCURRENT REQUEST Launch Concurrent Request for cascading attributes from header to lines.
OKS: Call QP In Bulk Mode for Usage Line Billing Calls the QP in bulk mode for usage billing if profile is set to Yes
OKS: Category for Order Management Originated Contracts OKS: Contract Category
OKS: Check Cov Levels in QA Check Covered Levels in QA
OKS: Check Coverage Match Check Coverage Match for Renewal Consolidation
OKS: Consolidate Warranty for Multiple Orders rofile option to create warranty consolidation. Determines if multiple warranties/extended warranties sold through Order Management be consolidated to a single service contract
OKS: Contract group for Warranty/Ext.Warranty OKS: Contract group for Warranty/Ext.Warranty
OKS: Contracts Validation Source Oks Contracts Validation Source
OKS: Copy Notes Copy Notes
OKS: Counter Validate (null)
OKS: Credit Card Display Privileges Determines how much of customer's credit card number is displayed
OKS: Credit Card Minimum Authorized Amount Minimum Authorized Amount
OKS: Credit Card Validation Level Credit Processing QA Level
OKS: Date Assembler Workflow Queue Size (null)
OKS: Day UOM Code Day UOM Code
OKS: Debug Error Log Debug Error Log
OKS: Default Contract Status for Transfers Status of the New Contract when Transferred
OKS: Default Currency Conversion Date Currency conversion date
OKS: Default Line Style OKS: Default Line Style
OKS: Default Order Type for Subscriptions Default Order Type for Contract to Order Creation
OKS: Default Pricing Date Defines the date used to determine the correct price list and pricing effectivity. If not defined, sysdate will be used as default.
OKS: Default QA Checklist Specifies the QA checklist to be used as the default when authoring new contracts
OKS: Default Sales Person for Renewal Sets default sales person for sales credits on a renewal contract
OKS: Default Time Zone Default Time Zone for Coverages
OKS: Delete Renewed Contract Lines or Sublines OKS: Delete Renewed Contract Lines or Sublines
OKS: Discounting Privileges (null)
OKS: Display Subscription Contracts in Entitlements Display Subscription Contracts in EntitlementsSQL="SELECT meaning \"Display Subscription Contracts\", lookup_code
OKS: Electronic Renewal Url Electronic renewals url
OKS: Enable Grace Period Indicates whether users should be able set up a Grace Period when authoring or updating a contract
OKS: Enable Install Base Integration Notifications OKS: Enable Install Base integration messages
OKS: Enable Negative Invoicing Profile for allowing negative Billing
OKS: Enable Sales Credits Determines how Sales Person, Revenue Type Distribution, Revenue Type, and Vendor Contact is determined when renewing a contract
OKS: Full Credit for Product Return Full Credit for product return (Y/N)
OKS: HGrid Nodes Record Size for Mass Update (null)
OKS: Intangible Subscription Pricing Method OKS Intangible Subscription Pricing Method
OKS: Invoicing Rule To AR (null)
OKS: Item Display Preference Item Display Preference
OKS: Layout Template Source Specifies the source of the layout template used for generating quote and cover letters.
OKS: Line Level Item Display Preference Line Level Item Display Preference
OKS: Mass change security level Defines list of update levels available to the user when making mass change
OKS: Minimum Service Duration Defines the minimum duration of a service for cotermination
OKS: Minimum Service Period Defines the minimum period of a service for cotermination
OKS: Month UOM Code Month UOM Code
OKS: Notify Contract Administrator Contract Admin
OKS: Notify Sales Administrator Setup Admin
OKS: Notify Territory Administrator Territory Admin
OKS: Notify User of Install Base Integration Notifications OKS: User name to send Install base integration messages
OKS: Number of Child Requests for Service Contracts Main Billing Determines the maximum number of child requests spawned for parallel processing of Main Billing
OKS: Override SSO Behaviour Allow user to override SSO behaviour
OKS: Parallel Worker Determines if the Service Contracts Main Billing concurrent program will spawn multiple concurrent requests when billing load exceeds 500 lines
OKS: Payment Method for AR Interface Payment method associated with a Customer order payment
OKS: Price Rounding Amounts in OKS are rounded based on this profile
OKS: Quarter UOM Code Quarter UOM Code
OKS: Raise Credit Memo for Install Base Transactions Raise Credit Memo for IB Instance Termination
OKS: Reprice Warning Message Used to suppress warning message while repricing or manually overriding the final price.
OKS: Revalue Contract Using Currency Conversion Rate If profile is Yes ,revalue the Contract using conversion rates entered in Contract Authoring form
OKS: Revenue Type Distribution for Sales Credit Used to set the credit percentage on a renewal contract for a sales representative
OKS: Revenue Type for Sales Credits Revenue type
OKS: SMTP Host SMTP Host Name
OKS: SMTP Port SMTP Port Number
OKS: Sales Credit Distribution Service Contracts Sales Credit Distribution
OKS: Skip QP call in Usage for Zero Quantity Ignores the QP call if the qualtity to be billed is zero for Usage lines
OKS: Source for State and Country Territory Qualifiers Specifies the source of state and country territory qualifiers
OKS: Stop Workflow Launch From Date Assembler (null)
OKS: SubLine Threshold Value to Launch a Concurrent Program SubLine Threshold Value to Launch a Concurrent Program
OKS: Subscription Item Filter Determines which items the user can select in a subscription line under a subscription agreement
OKS: Territory Sales Person for First Year Contracts Derive or Retain Sales Person
OKS: Tolerance allowed for counter base reading OKS: Tolerance allowed for counter base reading
OKS: Transfer Party Relationship Used to specify the relationship between two or more parties for the transfer management process
OKS: UOM Code UOM Code
OKS: Unit Price Precision (null)
OKS: Update Contract with Install Base Quantity Update Instance Qty in Contract
OKS: Update Invoice Text During Renewal Profile is used to control the update invoice text during renewal
OKS: Usage Billing Calculation Usage Billing Based On
OKS: Use Advanced Pricing for Manual Adjustment Controls integration with Quoting for manual override of the final price. If set to Yes, Quoting will be used to derive price adjustments.
OKS: Use Bulk Loading for Line Reprice Controls the usage of bulk loading for line repricing
OKS: Use Inventory Org for Tax Calculations This profile option determines if service line inventory org will be used when calculating service line tax through Vertex
OKS: Use Territories to Default Sales Person Determines whether to use Territories to default the sales representative for a renewal contract.
OKS: User name to send Contract transfer messages OKS: User name to send Contract transfer messages
OKS: Validate Credit Card for AR Interface Validate Credit Card Expiry for AR Interface
OKS: Validate Reaction or Resolution Times Based on this profile Reaction and Resolution dates are validated
OKS: Validate before email sent QA Check will be performed only when this profile option is turned on.
OKS: Valueset Lookup Filter To restrict the flex field value set
OKS: Vendor Contact Role Sets the role for creating contacts during contract renewal
OKS: Wallet Path Specifies directory path for the wallet for HTTP communications over SSL. Wallet password is appended to this path with a '$$' prefix in the format 'path$$pswd'
OKS: Week UOM Code Week UOM Code
OKS: Workflow Success Notification Workflow Success Notification
OKS: Year UOM Code Year UOM Code
OKS:Merge System Transfers Merge System Transfers
OKS:Service Request Creator The User to create Service Request via Contracts Events Workflow
OKS:Summary Transactions Summary Transactions Yes or No
OKS:Transferred Contract Identifier This identifier will be attached to the transferred contract's contract number