Period End Closing Processing

Product Family Product Code Step Number Description
1 Order Mgmt
Order Management ONT 1.1 Complete the sales orders
Order Management ONT 1.2 Import Sales Order
Order Management ONT 1.3 Pre-Billing Acceptance
Shipping WSH 1.4 Complete the shipping transactions
Order Management ONT 1.5 Prepare the link with AR
Order Management ONT 1.5.1 Check run of Workflow background engine
Receivables AR 1.5.2 Run the Invoice Interface/Autoinvoice
Receivables AR 1.5.3 Verify the Autoinvoice Exceptions
2 Receivables
Receivables AR 2.1 Complete all Receivables transactions for the period being closed
Subledger Accounting SLA 2.2 Create accounting
Subledger Accounting SLA 2.3 Transfer to GL
Receivables AR 2.4 Manage the Receivables Period
3 Purchasing
Purchasing PO 3.1 Complete all transactions for Oracle Purchasing
Subledger Accounting SLA 3.2 Create accounting for Payables
Subledger Accounting SLA 3.3 Transfer to GL
Purchasing/Payables PO/AP 3.4 Purchasing Period management
Payables AP 3.4.1 Close the Payables period
Purchasing PO 3.4.2 Run the Receipt Accruals - Period-End Report
Purchasing PO 3.4.3 Manage the PO Periods
Payables AP 3.4.4 Open next AP Period
4 Transactions control:
4.1 Enter all transactions in eBS:
Inventory INV 4.1.1 Enter the pending cycle counts
Inventory INV 4.1.2 Check run of the Material Transaction Manager
Inventory INV 4.1.3 Check run of the Move Transaction Manager 
Inventory INV 4.1.4 Check run of the Lot Move Transaction Manager    
Inventory INV 4.1.5 Check run of the Cost manager (mandatory)
Inventory INV 4.2 Check the pending or in error transactions
Inventory INV 4.3 Unprocessed Material (resolution required)
Inventory INV 4.4 Uncosted material transactions (resolution required)
Costing CST 4.5 Pending LCM Interface Transactions (resolution required)
Work In Process WIP 4.6 Pending WIP Costing transactions (resolution required)
Shop Floor Management WSM 4.7 Pending WSM interface (resolution required)
4.7.1 Run the Import WIP Lot Transactions
4.7.2 Run the (WSM) Pending Transactions Report
Shipping WSH 4.8 Unprocessed Shipping Transactions (by default, resolution required)
Shipping WSH 4.8.1 Search delivery line with the status Shipped
Shipping WSH 4.8.2 Run the Interface Trip Stop SRS
Inventory INV 4.9 Pending material transactions for this period (resolution recommended)
Work In process WIP 4.1 Pending Shop Floor Move (resolution recommended)
Purchasing PO 4.11 Pending Receiving Transactions (resolution recommended)
Project Manufacturing PJM 4.12 Project Manudacturing - Cost Collector
Project Manufacturing PJM 4.12.1 Run the Cost Collection Manager
Project Manufacturing PJM 4.12.2 Import the transactions in Projects
5 Cost Mgmt
Costing CST 5.1 Cost Of Goods Sold
Costing CST 5.1.1 Record the Order Management Transactions
Costing CST 5.1.2 Collect the Revenue Recognition information
Costing CST 5.1.3 Generate the COGS Recognition events
Costing CST 5.2 Create accounting
Costing CST 5.3 Transfer to GL
6 Inventory Open/Close Period
6 Inventory Open/Close Period
Inventory INV 6.1 Open the next period
Inventory INV 6.2 Close the period
Inventory INV 6.3 Open or Close several periods in the same time
Inventory INV 6.3.1 Hierarchy of Organizations
Costing CST 6.3.2 Open several periods
Costing CST 6.3.3 Close several periods